Atapuerca Swing

Yesterday, the Association BurgoSwing celebrated its first “ATAPUERCA SWING EVENT”.

This event was held of about 50 people from different cities such as Burgos, Vitoria, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Madrid or Santander. It began with a field trip to the Trinchera Atapuerca sites: Gran Dolina, Sima del Elefante and Galería-Zarpazos.

I managed the guided visit assisted by Mario Modesto Mata who kindly explained all details about paleoanthropology. We talked for almost 2 hours about geology, archaeology and human evolution. People was amazingly interested and they asked many questions which encouraged me to keep talking.

Following our visit, we went to the town of Atapuerca, a few kilometers from the Atapuerca sites. The group was dancing lindy hop ( American dance that evolved in New York in the 1920’s, 1930’s and originally evolved with the jazz music of that time) in the streets of this small town until they went to the Comosapiens restaurant for lunch.

Nacho Cifrián, the chef of the restaurant, made a special menu set in the 30’s. We really appreciated such special efforts made by the restaurant and the chef to make ourselves feel good.

Finally, we organised a Social Swing Dance at the Pablo García cultural center. The party continued on with swing music and dancing and lasted well into the night.

In these lines I would like to thank the Fundación Atapuerca for letting me to make this visit, the City Hall of Atapuerca for having put in place all the necessary facilities and the Comosapiens restaurant for its wonderful food.

Of course, many thanks to the people that attended the first Atapuerca swing event.

 It was a pleasure to have been part of this fantastic event.


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