Participation to the 10th AR&PA conference

foto-cenieh-arpa-210th – 13th November 2016

Participation to the 10th AR&PA heritage and society: biennial of Heritage, Restoration and Management. Valladolid (Spain)

The “AR&PA” International Conference is held as one of the activities of the Heritage Restoration and Management Biennial and focuses on analysing a specific Cultural Heritage issue at each edition. Each year several lectures on a wide variety of subjects and communications with noted experts take place at the conference which serves to analyse the current situation of each issue and to present the most recent research.

This year I was invited to give a lecture along with my colleague Gloria I. López about the CENIEH Geochronology laboratories.


D. Moreno, G.I. López Cadavid (2016) Laboratorios de Geocronología: Paleomagnetismo, Resonancia Paramagnética Electrónica (ESR), Luminiscencia y Series de Uranio.

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